Our Response the to January 6, storming of the United States Capitol

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Resources for Absentee & Mail-in Voting

Everything you need to know to vote:

  • Check to see if you are registered to vote
  • Register to vote
  • Absentee mail in voter form state by state
  • Use their polling place locator tool

Early Voting Calendar


Absentee Voting rules State by State

Changes to absentee/mail-in voting procedures in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020

Washington Post

Vote by Mail information state by state.

Election Protection

You have the right to vote. If anyone tries to stop you, call the Election Protection Hotline at ‚Äč1-866-687-8683

Live Overseas? Vote From Abroad

Vote From Abroad is a non-partisan platform that helps US citizens vote from abroad by producing the necessary Federal forms.

Overseas voters can ensure their VOTE IS COUNTED by using a Backup Ballot (FWAB). For more information

Feel free to share our animation with Americans overseas or abroad.